Frequently Asked Questions

I am not that fit and/or I have been away from a consistent exercise routine for a long time and am just starting out.  Is LKN BOOTCAMP right for me?
YES YOU CAN! ALL fitness levels from the beginner to the advanced can participate and WILL achieve amazing RESULTS in LKNBC. All you need is a positive attitude!
I consider myself fit/very fit, Will I be challenged enough? Will LKNBC be too easy for me?
LKNBC is designed to challenge a wide range of fitness levels, from someone completely new to working out to competitive athletes.  ALL fitness levels can benefit and get SERIOUS RESULTS! No one is ever too FIT to benefit from LKNBC’s cutting edge style of training.
What type of people join LKNBC?
People just like YOU!  Individuals who enjoy working out in a TEAM environment and are motivated to make a positive change in their life.  People seeking a change from the ‘normal gym routine’ and are seeking to build a healthy body, mind and spirit.
What do I need to bring to LKNBC?
A exercise mat or beach size towel, water bottle, proper workout attire, a good pair of cross training type sneakers and a P.C.D.A.(Positive Can Do Attitude)! 
Will I get yelled at? What is the atmosphere like in LKNBC?
We pride ourselves on our highly motivating and friendly atmosphere.  You will be inspired by both your Instructors and fellow boot campers to achieve greatness. The only yelling (if any) will be words of positive reinforcement, encouragement and motivation by your fellow boot campers.

What are typical results achieved? What can I expect?
While RESULTS will vary for every individual, participants are urged to follow our nutrition guidelines and program with maximum effort. Results may include a 3-5% reduction in bodyfat, loss of inches from head to toe, greatly improved sense of well-being and self confidence, major increases in energy levels, total body strength and endurance.
Will I be sore?
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is a very natural part of the LKNBC process.  It’s actually a GREAT thing and means you are using muscle/muscle groups that you may not have been using.  Most BOOTCAMPers can expect to experience DOMS the first few first week or two.  The soreness will fade – it’s just part of the EXPERIENCE for most.  TRUST US!
What happens when I complete my session?
On the last day of every Boot Camp, an LKNBC TEAM Photo is taken to be featured on our website.  ou may find yourself registering for the next LKNBC!